F1 Betting (cheeky little dabble)

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F1 Betting (cheeky little dabble)

Post by herb » Fri Sep 06, 2019 6:58 pm

Has anyone been betting on the grand pirix this year?

I had a win on Max when he won in Austria, put on a fiver each way (top 2) and got nearly £70.

Last week before Spa I bet on a Thursday ... bad move. I got good odds but the stories that developed .... jeez!
I though Max was a good bet, so I did £5 each way again. Then I thought about Kimi, the quick Alfa, and that he's won there loads, and thought "well at 1000/1 it's worth a punt" so I had £2 each way.
Then they take each other out first corner!! :furious: :D ah well

So this weekend for Italy, Max has a nice new engine and thinks he can catch the back of the top 4 ... I think he and Red Bull always play down their chances, so I've bet on Max again £5 each way 28/1 (top 2) ... fingers crossed!

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