The End of Formula 1 on Terrestrial TV

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the Mad Monk
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Re: The End of Formula 1 on Terrestrial TV

Post by the Mad Monk » Fri Apr 13, 2018 1:57 pm

herb wrote:
Mon Mar 26, 2018 4:16 pm
So this is the last year F1 will be shown on Terrestrial TV in the UK. :(

Based on last season, and the start of this season, I won't be buying more TV (I already pay my TV licence) to watch F1. You see, not only do I not want to pay any money to Rupert Murdoch's empire, but I don't want to give them my data either. It's valuable to me, and personal.

It seems a shame that the country that started the sport, grew the sport through Terrestrial TV, and has most of the teams based in it, has had this action taken against it.

I hope that Channel 4 continue to show highlights (like the BBC do with Match of the Day) and I'll watch that. If not, I think it's the end of my interest in F1. It's just plain boring, made watchable only by the people who present the shows.

What do you lot think? Will you be paying next year or giving it up? (I would have started a poll but couldn't find the option)
My interest in F1 has been diminishing for a few years now; starting with the switch to Sky and fewer terrestrial TV races (I too will not pay any money to the Murdoch empire) and also the rule meddling and corporate conditioning of drivers.

For me, there's just some essential excitement missing these days and I don't hold out much hope for Liberty re-energising the sport.

I'm already at the idle interest stage, and when it finally leaves terrestrial TV, I can't see myself following it much.

I wont stop visiting Pitboard for as long as it keeps going though! :thumbs:

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Re: The End of Formula 1 on Terrestrial TV

Post by PhileepoF1 » Sat Apr 14, 2018 8:55 pm

I wont be paying to watch it tomorrow, i cant recall there being an exciting chinese gp. Ill watch the highlights on ch4. Going off the first two races, i dont fancy paying for it.

My interest in it has diminished as well. Ill still always follow it and see whats going on, but the product isnt worth paying for it.
Ill give liberty media some credit, ive noticed there is so much more clips on social media. So you dont miss much and its soon made available to see.

I keep giving it a chance and hope it gets exciting, but more often than not i finish watching a race thinking that was a waste of time. I dont think this is a very exciting era for F1.

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