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Post by herb » Mon Jul 01, 2019 8:26 pm ... the wrecker of our high streets and our society.

Last year they paid that little tax on their revenue, it would be the same as me earing £2,000 a month and paying £1.20 tax on that.

Bear in mind all high street retailers have to pay far more, plus rates etc and all the costs that come with a shop.

Given how little tax they pay, you can see what they con this country out of. Tax money for the NHS and emergency services, teaching and education, local services, all of these affected because Amazon don't compete on the same field as UK retailers.

I have used them once in ten years as my Dad wanted a book from the US and Amazon were the only ones selling it. I felt dirty after, I spent £11 and felt like ringing HMRC to donate £2 for my transgression.
I felt like a lazy fat cunt sat at my PC ordering products to be delivered to me from across the world like I'm the queen of sheba or something :lol:

I have genuinely changed Christmas presents (ie what I wanted) twice because they were only available on Amazon, and I'd rather do without thanks.

I'd rather not contribute to that tax-doging cunt Geoff Bezos's fortune, I'd rather drive to my town centre, have a walk round, chat to shop owners, make new aquiantances, find new niche products and generally be a concious member of society, rather than some fat cunt sat at home doing all their shopping on Amazon "because it's cheap" ... well by using Amazon I think that makes people cheap ... they're cheap because they'd rather savea few quid than waddle down the high street and support their neighbours, or they "don't have time" to go out shopping ... all excuses for being lazy.

If you're really too fat and lazy not to shop online, at least try using ebay where you money goes to normal people trying to make ends meet.

I bet the slim, billionaire Bezos is thanking you from the bottom of his bank accounts, and could not give a fuck if your town turns into a ghost town where no-one goes out much and starts turning into chavsville :whistling:

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