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Re: Welcome back babblers, its Tuesday

Posted: Fri Jun 08, 2018 10:05 am
by Snap Matt
Just saying hello again... we moved house last month, which was a giggle a minute.

The legals took forever and we had more than a few days of thinking it would all fall apart - that was with a chain of just three properties. It takes an inordinate number of hours to pack up your home and twice as long again to get stuff out of the boxes. No matter how clear you think your labelling of each box and where it needed to go, you still spend two days looking for the childrens' rucksacks the weekend before they're due to go to cub camp. I still need to open several wrong cupboards before I find a cereal bowl or whatever on most mornings too.

It took ten days to establish why the toilet cisterns weren't filling, two weeks to figure out the heating system and could take a year to tame the garden (the first two are skewed slightly by our holiday, booked before we even saw the house, started four days after we moved). It was worth the hassle, but there will be a lot of work in the short-term and plenty of future projects.

We are never moving again.